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Delivering clarity to credit unions
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Strategic Planning & Market Analysis

Assessing and possibly redefining your business model, no matter what model you employ, can be a powerful and enlightening part of your strategic management process. Many organizations today are redefining how they deliver value to customers, yielding unprecedented success. The Rochdale Group will help you seize the advantage.


  • Lack of proactive model for the future
  • Uncertainty of future growth and profitability
  • Heightened regulatory environment
  • Balancing organizational and strategic risk


  • Build a flexible vision for the future
  • Continuously maximize opportunities and efforts at an acceptable level of risk


  • Improved bottom-line financial and organizational performance results
  • Sustained competitive advantage

What is Risk-Centric Planning?

The risk-centric planning process combines the fundamental elements of strategic planning and enterprise risk management programs to reinvent your strategic and capital deployment plans by forcing a systematic consideration of the full range of risk factors and potential strategy outcomes.

Too often, dozens of meetings fail to produce new insights. Staff are often frustrated that "the strategic plan is never used," while many board members feel the strategic plan is simply a validation of what the staff is already doing or has decided.

The Rochdale Group’s risk-centric model is born out of a focus on longer-term environments and the ultimate question of, “what could threaten future survival and success”, and provides a necessary check against overly optimistic or pessimistic assumptions and strategies through a more quantitative and holistic view.

Why The Rochdale Group?

The Rochdale Group is the only credit union consulting firm focused solely on YOUR success in the areas of Enterprise Risk Management Solutions and Systems, Lending and Credit Analysis, Merger Strategy and Realization, Strategy Planning and Execution, and Regulatory Response Management.

The Rochdale Group has extensive experience in credit union management and strategic planning. For almost 30 years and through partnering with more than 500 credit unions, The Rochdale Group has built a reputation in helping credit unions define their strategy performance processes. With today’s rapid changing environment, it’s important to partner with experience and trust. The Rochdale Group is keenly aware of issues and trends affecting our clients’ ability to remain competitive and profitable in an ever-changing financial services marketplace.