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Delivering clarity to credit unions
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Regulatory Triage


  • Complying with regulatory expectations and examination findings
  • Reassurance of process validity and performance
  • Addressing internal risk, policies, and process gaps and weaknesses


Quickly and effectively develop the necessary internal processes to support continued organizational success.


Strong organizational risk and compliance infrastructure capable of supporting organizational growth.

What is the Regulatory Triage Approach?

The Rochdale Group normally approaches this type of project with the utmost urgency and focus to signal a strong response to regulatory authorities and assist the credit union in returning to operating normalcy as quickly as possible. Given the nature of such a project, comprehensive responsibilities cannot be fully determined prior to project planning and prioritization efforts. The Rochdale Group and the credit union will collaboratively attack the exam findings and management concerns in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

Why The Rochdale Group?

The Rochdale Group has extensive expertise and experience in working closely with financial institutions on everything from simple policy adjustments to capital restoration plans and activities. The Rochdale Group functions as a specialized extension of the credit union’s management team providing both technical and thought leadership to most effectively help the organization establish and complete action plans in a manner that not only establishes new processes, but builds internal knowledge.