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Delivering clarity to credit unions
through expertise and experience

Policy / Compliance Audits


Complexity, expense and expertise of effectively meeting today’s regulatory and legal challenges.


The regulatory compliance challenges confronting credit unions grow and change each year. It is our job to make compliance simple for you, so you can concentrate on serving your members.


Regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

Why Policy/Compliance Audits?

In today's heavily regulated environment, it is critically important that credit unions proactively and systematically address compliance. Compliance ranks as the number one concern and obstacle deviating credit unions from their core services. Credit unions that violate laws and regulations expose themselves to potentially crippling sanctions and/or civil money penalties from government agencies or potentially devastating lawsuits. The best prevention is an educated and well-trained staff who understand the regulations that dictate how organizations must conduct their business and who have the necessary tools to implement the regulatory requirements. The answer is to find a trusted partner capable of delivering solutions and partnering with you long-term. Through a variety of compliance programs, The Rochdale Group can work to protect your credit union’s interests and reputation from the threat of compliance failure.

Why The Rochdale Group?

The Rochdale Group has extensive expertise and experience in working closely with financial institutions on everything from simple policy adjustments to capital restoration plans and activities. The Rochdale Group functions as a specialized extension of the credit union’s management team providing both technical and thought leadership to most effectively help the organization establish and complete action plans in a manner that not only establishes new processes, but builds internal knowledge.