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Multi-Dimensional Loan Portfolio Analysis


  • Loan portfolio composition
  • Inability to defend ALLL reserve calculations
  • Inability to grow loan portfolio
  • Regulatory pressure
  • Lack of understanding of major risk factors


  • Desire to be more responsive and agile when economic conditions change
  • Better understanding of the overall risk in the portfolio
  • Proactive identification of problems within the loan portfolio


  • Proactive optimization of the loan portfolio’s size and profitability
  • New loan opportunities to present to well-qualified members
  • Incorporates ongoing review of the changing credit quality within a portfolio
  • Risk thresholds and tolerances

Why outside Assistance for Multi-Dimensional Loan Portfolio Analysis?

The Rochdale Group will assist in developing a robust analytical assessment and breakdown of your targeted loan portfolios to provide enhanced measurement and proactive monitoring. These efforts build a robust program for better pricing decisions and stratification, ALLL calculations, and proactive monitoring of changes in underlying risk as it changes in the portfolio. The Rochdale Group’s multi-dimensional program includes a comprehensive review and analysis of targeted portfolios and provides for recommendations and considerations building the credit union’s practice over time. In effect, this analysis marries the member risk (credit) to the market risk, effectively stratifying each portfolio into numerous sub-pools to deliver more predictable and profitable results.

Why The Rochdale Group?

The Rochdale Group is a nationally recognized provider of services to the credit union movement, possessing significant technical and industry experience providing services to over 500 credit union entities. The Rochdale Group collaborates with credit unions to tailor solutions to its clients in today’s fast-changing and competitive environment.