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Delivering clarity to credit unions
through expertise and experience

Member Business Loan Review


  • Regulatory compliance
  • Internal risk process strength
  • Program design and expertise
  • Contingency planning alternatives and preparation


  • Identify problem loans in a proactive manner
  • Reduce concern of regulatory non-compliance
  • Maximize value of the MBL portfolio


Structurally sound program that is regulatory compliant with documentation accuracy, and aligned with internal policies and procedures.

What is the Member Business Loan Approach?

The Rochdale Group’s approach includes a comprehensive review of the MBL process to ensure the quality and thoroughness of your credit union’s underwriting and file documentation. The Rochdale Group’s professional staff will review the following information:

  • Written policies and procedures and ensure they are followed by each staff member
  • All necessary documents to validate they are present in your commercial loan files
  • Insurance policies to ensure they are all active
  • Cash flow analysis to validate it is being performed correctly
  • Risk ratings to ensure they are assigned correctly and updated on loan anniversaries
  • All other MBL reports to ensure they are being provided to the Board and/or credit union committee

Why The Rochdale Group?

Each credit union is unique in its strategies, corporate culture, business objectives and the membership it serves. The Rochdale Group brings together a unique blend of experience, knowledge, analytical skills, business sense, and creative energy, all focused on the specific business needs of your credit union. The Rochdale Group possesses the capabilities to assist the credit union in all aspects of the member business loan review, analyzing your MBL portfolio, as well as reviewing your internal policies and procedures.