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Indirect Lending Risk Management


  • Internal risk monitoring strength
  • Loan portfolio composition
  • Failing to appropriately price for higher risk credits
  • Decreased loan volumes
  • Overall portfolio profitability
  • Regulatory scrutiny
  • Ineffective tracking and monitoring


  • Optimize risk/return relationship
  • Increase loan volumes
  • More efficient lending program
  • Develop and maintain adequate underwriting parameters
  • Ensure a well-managed, well documented program


  • Provides detailed analysis required to enter or enhance indirect lending
  • Validates pricing, ensuring credit union is maximizing its returns given the risks
  • Provides greater diversity of loan portfolio, providing for increased loan volumes and new member opportunities
  • Generates awareness of indirect lending best practices

What outside Assistance with Indirect Lending Risk Management Analysis?

For many credit unions, indirect lending represents a key segment of their lending pipeline. For those credit unions not doing indirect lending, it might present a considerable opportunity if done correctly. The Rochdale Group’s indirect loan modeling program can help you build or refine your indirect avenues to ensure appropriate pricing, returns, and risk mitigation on an ongoing basis. Our efforts will assist you in building a repeatable and proactive model for engaging and managing this important lending program through detailed understanding of loss data, modeling results and underwriting parameters to ensure that your program delivers the intended results.

Why The Rochdale Group?

The Rochdale Group is a nationally recognized provider of services to the credit union movement, possessing significant technical and industry experience providing services to over 500 credit union entities. The Rochdale Group collaborates with credit unions to tailor solutions to its clients in today’s fast-changing and competitive environment.