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Delivering clarity to credit unions
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Enterprise Risk Management


  • Uncertainty of future growth and profitability
  • Heightened regulatory environment
  • Competitively keeping pace
  • Balancing organizational and strategic risk
  • Financial, operational, legal and reputation surprises


Develop the internal capabilities to assist management in achieving the entities performance and profitability targets and prevent organizational losses.


Improved bottom-line financial and organizational performance.

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What is Enterprise Risk Management?

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a process that drives decisioning in order to maximize performance/opportunities at a given level of risk. ERM encompasses all of the structures, methods and processes used by organizations to identify, measure, and manage risks related to the achievement of business and strategic objectives. It provides a formalized and repeatable process intended to validate that all organizational risk exposures have been accounted for, with the most pertinent being reported up through senior leaders of the organization.

At the end of the day, ERM is about making better, more-informed decisions. It provides a conduit through which valuable information can be obtained and communicated earlier, allowing organizations to respond more quickly, and with more options. It provides the early warning systems that allow leaders to quickly mobilize the organization to respond appropriately to the uncertainties faced by every organization.

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Why The Rochdale Group?

The Rochdale Group has extensive experience in implementing and managing ERM programs within the financial industry. The Rochdale Group currently focuses solely on credit unions and corporate credit unions. Rochdale has developed a customized methodology for credit unions, scalable to any sized institution.

The Rochdale Group is the only true ERM provider focusing exclusively on credit unions. Other vendors purportedly offering ERM offer a valued service, but it is often only a policy or compliance audit. ERM is about business and process risk directly affecting your performance and bottom-line. We offer the experience, knowledge and software to build and implement your personalized ERM solution, and provide ongoing coaching to ensure your success.