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Delivering clarity to credit unions
through expertise and experience

Rochdale Liquidity Solutions


  • Credit Unions limited ability to garner reliable access to secondary markets
  • Diminishing sources of existing liquidity providers (corporate credit unions, GSEs, etc.)


Spearhead an effort with leading credit unions to create market access alternatives for the purpose of establishing credit union participants with increased liquidity and investment options.


Cost effective and reliable access to sources of liquidity and short-term investment opportunities.

Why Consider The Rochdale Group’s Liquidity Solutions?

As is the case for all financial institutions, access to efficient and reliable liquidity sources is paramount not only for survival during periods of demand but for completive purposes. Unfortunately, the last few years have left credit unions with limited and deteriorating options. Regardless of size and capabilities, rebuilding access to the capital markets is out of reach for single credit union participants given the sheer magnitude necessary to effectively participate in the capital markets.

The credit union liquidity solution lies in an ability to collaborate on a scale necessary to replace capital market participation at an effective level. The opportunity exists for a core group of lead credit unions to bind their respective resources to take advantage to this market opportunity increasing their own competitive positioning and offering other credit unions a credit union friendly solution.

Why The Rochdale Group?

The Rochdale Group’s Capital Markets practice gives you access to a “credit union friendly” investment banking firm. By approaching structured finance transactions in a collaborative fashion, The Rochdale Group can assist in building both individual and industry solutions. The Rochdale Group utilizes the same expertise and the same techniques of major Wall Street firms, to create credit union industry specific solutions. The Rochdale Group’s experience, industry contacts and collaborative nature allow us to create unique solutions to credit union balance sheet problems.