About Us

The Rochdale Group, Inc. (Rochdale) was founded in January, 2006, and takes its name from the early origins of cooperatives. In 1844, workers banded together to open a cooperative grocery store in the community of Rochdale (near Manchester, England). That group eventually became “The Rochdale Equitable Society of Pioneers,” which required the purchase of at least one share (costing one pound) to become a member. The Society used its collective share to buy discounted goods for resale to members at below-market prices. The Society’s model was replicated and spread throughout Europe, setting the stage for a cooperative banking system to emerge in Germany in the mid 1880s.

Your Success Is Our Priority

Rochdale is the only credit union consulting firm focused solely on your success in the areas of Enterprise Risk Management Solutions and Systems, Lending and Credit Analysis, Merger Strategy and Realization, Strategy Planning and Execution, and Regulatory Response Management.

Expertise You Can Rely On

By building and maintaining a diverse team of professionals focused on client success and a strong office family atmosphere, Rochdale brings together credit unions and business partners to build solutions needed to thrive in a fast-changing, competitive environment.